Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Edified or Entertained?

Hey everybody. Back again and I gotz to apologize once again. Didn't realize going back to school would drain all your time. But praise God, the Lord let me get an A in my Criminology class. Not sure about my Abnormal Psych grade yet. Going to keep pressing. Keep praying yawl.

Now, the question is...who loves the Word of God? I mean the pure and unadulterated Word of God? Unfortunately, we live in a society - Christendom to be more specific - where the Word is no longer a priority. The Apostle Paul didn't lie when he warned his young protege, Timothy, about the dangers of living in the last days (cf. 1 Tim 4:3-4). Seems many people would rather hear a preacher "hoop" than to hear him break down the Scriptures.

Where is the Biblical theology? Where is the philosophical study? Where is the systematic theology? Where is the study of church history? Where is Christian apologetics? Where is hermeneutics? How about exegesis? What about canonicity? What about the languages of the Bible? What about manuscript transmission, preparation and preservation? What about textual criticism? What about the study of modern English Versions and Translations of the Scripture? What about Old and New Testament Survey? And the study of the Intertestamental Period? What about Biblical archaeology? The study of Doctrine? How about Christian ethics? I can go on and on, but just like society - many people do not feel any of this is necessary.

Could this be the reason the church is weak in this anti-God and anti-Christ culture?

Entertainment in church is so much better - many seem to suggest. How? By their shutting down a true Biblical preacher and listening to the misinformed.

Back to the hoop.

This is not about basketball but it is about closing out a sermon. Now, don't get me wrong. I love to hear a sound biblical preacher tune it up after he has laid down the doctrine. A good example of one preacher is Pastor Dr. R.A. Williams - McCoy Memorial Baptist Church. Check him out on YouTube. His "hoop" is off the chain. But you better believe....before he gets to the "hoop" Dr. Williams will lay down some serious doctrine. So, the hoop isn't the problem? So what is?

Pure entertainment.

That's the hoop without the help. Whole lot of preachers can sing it up, but I need some serious Word when I face demonic forces trying to take me out of this world.

Here are some examples...

How is weak preaching going to help me combat satanic assault? How is weak preaching and teaching - with the aid of the Holy Spirit - going to help me keep my anger in check? How is weak preaching going to build me up to love supervisors and co-workers who keep on "trying" me? How is weak preaching going to keep me from coveting what God doesn't want me to have? How is weak preaching going to inform me about the personhood of Christ and His purpose for my life? How is weak preaching going to confront me when I'm in sin and to challenge me to walk in the way of righteousness? How is weak preaching going to exhort me to live for Christ and not for myself?

Can't speak for anyone else, but I need the Word of God. I need to be EDIFIED, not ENTERTAINED. Not being nasty, but weak preaching really frustrates me, yawl. I cannot live without God's Word and I feel cheated when someone stands up to talk from God's Word and never lines his sermon up with the text of sacred Scripture.

Pastor Teacher John MacArthur put it this way, "This is certainly no time for weak men, weak messages and weak ministries. What is needed is moral strength and courage and uncompromising proclamation of the truth that can set people free," ( Ashamed of the Gospel - Third Edition ).

It is way too unfortunate that many of us leave the church "charged" but never "changed." And that is the difference between edification and entertainment.

Keep praying that God will build up sound biblical preachers to feed His people. And as always, stay prayerful for the strength of the church as a whole.


Your brother,


  1. Praise God, my friend. Appreciate it.

  2. Hey Sid,

    What happened? The alarm bells are going off. Did something happen at St John Missionary Baptist Church in Orlando. Is the hoop going on over there only entertainment. I know your new pastor can sing, but is he not covering you. Are you regretting joining that church? I understand your first blog was about the pastor at St John Missionary Baptist Church in Sanford. Is this one about your pastor at St John Missionary Baptist Church in Orlando?

    But, I thought you were off the milk as it states in Hebrews. What the heck is going on to make your Christian walk so miserable now.

    Talk to a us. Where is the bitterness coming from? Are you getting ready to leave the church? Are you speaking for yourself or are people at your church complaining and you are simply writing down their contention on their behalf.

    I have listen to you and I know for a fact you can exegete the scripture. Why do you need someone else to do that for you?
    I thought you already know Biblical and systematic theology. I thought you already know church history. I thought you could already interpret scripture using hermeneutics? I thought you were already familar with the different church doctrine, principles and rules? If you aren't getting any of this where you are,
    you probably will want to leave and go to a church like those you listen to on 950 am

  3. Let me answer this so-called Anonymous person. Here we go again. Probably the same individuals from a few of my earlier posts and he/she still does not wish to reveal the identity.

    First off. Not sure what alarm bells are going off, but you may want to unplug your headset. You have no idea what I am talking about or who I am talking about. If you must's television preachers. Alarm bells going off yet on that one?

    Secondly, I absolutely love my pastor. One of the greatest mentors I have had the pleasure of serving under. And yes...he CAN sing. And yes..he IS covering. Couldn't ask for a better pastor. The Lord is good.

    Thirdly, you know what they say about making assumptions. Whoever you are, you are assuming with no proof, no evidence, no confirmation. But you know what they say....a hit dog will holler. So, if you are assuming we're speaking of someone particular, maybe YOU have the guilty conscience. No shame in my game brother. Or is it sister? Not're still anonymous.

    Interesting you would choose the book of Hebrews, considering the book was written to Jews. The "milk" you're supposedly talking about happens to refer to the Mosaic Law, brother. Or is it sister? The writer of Hebrews wrote to Jews who were on the verge of going back to Judaism once they had already become Christians. I have no intention of abiding under the Law. Grace is fine by me. Loving it and appreciating my Lord for His sacrifice.

    Miserable? Huh? Are you kidding me? The blog is about Church Folk being dangerous. Has nothing to do with whether you think - and I stress think - I am miserable or not. In fact, loving life. Have a wonderful church. Wonderful ministry. Wonderful wife. Wonderful Savior. Back in school and on the Dean's list...praise my Jesus. You're talking about bitter? So, what's your beef with me? What is your issue? Sounds like you have a tart taste in your mouth too. But as I stated in previous posts....I always welcome dialogue, especially face to face, brother. Or is it sister? Not sure.

    Talk to you? Thought that was what the blog was about. Furthermore, who is US? Is this more than one Anonymous or is it two or three like a few months ago? Am I leaving the church? No. And if I was, do I answer to you? Who are you? Thought I answered to God?

    Furthermore, you do not have to listen to me. You have a choice to tune me out, whoever you are. And since when does a preacher, teacher or scholar "arrive?" With that attitude, you'll never grow. So, whatever the Lord has blessed me with as far as being an exegete, I can never become satisfied with that. Stop learning, you stop growing. Isn't that what they teach you in academia? Isn't that why we have graduate school? Isn't that why we have to stay fresh as more information seeps into the knowledge pool?

    And since when did we not need to be accountable to someone else? Yes, I do study on my own, but that isn't the point. Furthermore, I do not know everything. If I did, I would be God. In fact, I have learned a great deal about you by reading your post.

    I can tell you have no idea what systematic theology or Biblical theology is. If you did, you would realize just how much information the study entails. No one masters it. Not even Pastor John MacArthur, Pastor John Piper, Dr. R.C. Sproul and a whole host of others.

    Funny, I am wondering if you read the entire post. I did mention that I have no problem with hooping. Ummm...R.A. Willams. Does THAT ring a bell?

    Nope...staying right where I am. In fact, God is elevating me right where I am, thank the Lord. Why would I leave? And by the way...950 am is the bomb. Check it out, you might learn something.

  4. Wow, that unknown commenter hates hearing the truth. As a blogger, I'm excited about content, not presentation. I've seen the best blogs with little decorations to their site and some of the worst blogs with tons of design. Good content is what keeps me coming back to that "plain Jane" blog. Not the flashing fonts of the weak one. When it comes to teaching, what someone says (to me) is more appreciated than how they say it. There's a huge difference between being passionate about something and just showing out. I've walked out of a "theatrical" church before wondering what the subject of the sermon was even about and that's not a good thing. As usual, your unbiased posts are appreciated. You're not speaking against the church, you're trying to help it.

  5. Straight up, Brother Q. And check out how the blogger opened up the questioning.

    "Did something happen at St John Missionary Baptist Church in Orlando?"

    Now, this is a person who supposedly knows me, if you read the entire post. What person who is familiar with you opens a line of questioning by calling out a specific church? Whose benefit was that for? Those reading the blog.

    So, if someone has a desire to "spy in," scrutinize or dig for more ammo, the UNKNOWN blogger has tried to give them a "specific" place and "specific" situation to investigate. Seems the blogger knows something more than he/she is revealing. But since he/she is anonymous, who knows where to start? I have a feeling I know who it is, but I'll keep my comments to myself. (The blogger would not want his information revealed. And it is not very Christian-like. In fact, quite embarrassing, I might add).

    Furthermore, if he/she knows me, then where I worship is already understood, right? And irrelevant to the blog at hand. So, why call out the church and expose others who have nothing to do with what he/she is ranting about? THAT is demonic. Comes from the Greek word "diabolos" which stands for devil - one that slanders and separates people and wreaks havoc in relationships. Classic anonymous blogger.

    He/She further exposes - I "understand" - a borderline personality disorder. Or maybe it's bi-polar. Blogger insults me while covering it up in accolades. Jumps in with...

    "I understand your first blog was about the pastor at St John Missionary Baptist Church in Sanford."
    (And how did this person come to this understanding? It escapes me. And others reading my blog would be confused as well. Unless of course, they're knee deep in a similar situation. As I "understand" it, sounding like the blogger, there are at least 4-5 churches in Sanford with some serious similiar issues. Which one am I supposedly talking about?).

    "Is this one about your pastor at St John Missionary Baptist Church in Orlando?" (Apparently this individual who supposedly reads my blogs, never read in the same blog he/she is referencing that my pastor is high on my list of preachers I appreciate).

    Maybe the blogger wasn't on his/her meds and didn't "understand" clearly. Nowhere in my CF blog is the pastor of "St John Missionary Baptist Church in Sanford" mentioned. Nowhere is there a city mentioned, or a state mentioned. Not even a region of the country mentioned. Because you know this kind of stuff happens everywhere. Part of my "indignation" was toward an individual of the cloth who is disrespecting my dad, Sidney Sr....and this pastor is certainly not from Sanford or Orlando.

    So, where the blogger got that one from, I have no idea. Clueless. Unless...the alleged pastor he is referring to is actually guilty. You know...a hit dog will holler. And if he/she IS guilty...of course the blogger will ignorantly jump up in we can see.

    And Q...check this one out. Blogger says, "Talk to us. Where is the bitterness coming from." Didn't realize I was supposed to sit in a hot seat before a judiciary board of clinical psychologists to "explain" how I was feeling, so they can classify what disorder I'm suffering from. Wow. I guess my case qualifies for the DSM-IV-TR, you know the bible for the American Psychiatric Association.

    Furthermore, thought I was hearing from a "single" anonymous blogger. Did the blogger's board, crew, posse or whatever you call them sit at the computer together while the blogger typed in a response? You tell me. right brother. Blogger hates the truth and will continue to add stupid and ill-thought commentary while hiding behind the famous "Anonymous"

    thanks doc...appreciate you

  6. Q...Back again, doc. Boy lemme tell you...the Holy Spirit is no joke. I've prayed so many times to the Lord about increasing my powers of observation, so that I can rightly divide His Word. Apparently, He has given me even more than that. Brought more to my attention about Anonymous.

    Mr/Ms Anonymous did some serious satanic work in the post. Notice the question again. "Did something happen at St John Missionary Baptist Church in Orlando?" Notice what the blogger DIDN'T ask about.

    Did something happen at a conference?
    Did something happen at a revival you may have gone to?
    Did something happen at a seminar? - you know they teach how to hoop at conferences now. Hoopology 101.
    Did you see something on television that sparked the blog?

    Questions like these were never raised. Which says what? The blogger asks me did something happen at a particular church - a church where I just happen to be a member. Wow. Guess what the devil's imp just did with his/her strategic question? He tried to create a problem for me with members of my church. Get em to look at me funny and to start looking for something to criticize me about.

    Actually, what sparked the post was a few videos I streamed on YouTube, you know the new television. I watched the audience rave over a bunch of nonsense. Thus, I wrote Edified or Entertained? Apparently, Anonymous didn't ask about that.

    Anonymous took it further - "Is the hoop going on over there only entertainment. I know your new pastor can sing, but is he not covering you?"

    So now, the devil has Anonymous attacking my pastor, which could create friction between he and I. Can't blame the blogger too much. Satan is crafty. Probably had Anonymous thinking the Holy Spirit gave him/her a revelation to report.

    Wow. Observation, boy. Yes suh. Yeah, my pastor CAN hoop. In fact, I had asked him to teach me how, since I ain't much of a singer. So the hoop was never the issue. But the nerve of this so-called Christian calling out a man he knows nothing about, just to take a cheap shot at Sid.

    Man...I thank God for observation. Made some things real clear about our unknown blogger - if his/her post wasn't already clear enough.

  7. My brother.....this person does not even know if they are a man or woman. How in the world could they know the truth about anything else. The language is indicative of someone who belongs to a cult like environment, possibly even involved in man worship. That as you are well aware has become the real disgrace to Christiandom. You right man....a hit dog will holler and the guilty will always speak...and rather stupidly I might say....Opps did I just say that...Forgive me....but as has been put so well "stupid is as stupid does ma'am or sir" the proof is in the blog.

  8. LesRee

    well you know what my favorite saying is now? "It is what it is." And that's the truth. Speak on.