Saturday, January 22, 2011

Chameleon Christianity

Hey yawl. Back in the house. Have to apologize again, but didn't realize that going back to school is a trip. Praising God though. Prayerfully, it will make me even better. Forgive a brother.

So, what is chameleon Christianity? You already know. A chameleon is a lizard that can switch colors and adapt to its environment. A figurative definition would be a person who is subject to quick or frequent change, especially in appearance. Check out this scenario...

In 1990, the actor Keenan Ivory Wayans created a show called “In Living Color.” His sister, Kim Wayans, had a recurring role as the gossiping Ms. Bonita Batrell. Well, this particular character portrayed precisely what we are attempting to convey about some church folk. Near the end of every skit, she would sing the praises of Ms. Jenkins. After praises would lead, wisecracks would follow. Now, how could Bonita show so much love and concern for Ms. Jenkins in one breath and in the next breath tear her apart? It is simple: Bonita never loved her to begin with. With ease, she stretched the heart in fondness for Ms. Jenkins and with just as much ease, she snapped back in contempt

Lord have this not many church folk?

Not only does the lizard change colors, it does it with so much ease. Many church folk are no different. You mean it's EASY to switch out? Not good. Sorry, my sisters, but let's look at the wig scenario....I'll get to the brothers in a minute. We see the wig fly off in two ways. Sister-gurl be shoutin' so hard - dancing and running all over the church - until the wig's about to fly off. That's the first way. But out in the foyer after church, she 'bout to remove the wig to jump into a fight with another sister. That's the second way.

From shoutin' to swingin' - WOW.

Don't laugh brothers - many of us are worse. Preacher-man sound so deep in the Scriptures while in church. But I don't hear WORD when the mood strikes. More like Marvin Gaye. You know.."when I get that feeling..." Wuzzup with that? He's a chameleon. A lizard that will change his colors to "adapt to his environment." We play games like that....YES we do. We all have some issues we're fighting with, them so-called "demons" we can't shake.

So, what is the cure to chameleon Christianity? Let us be sincere in our relationship with Christ. Time out for playing church. God is looking for soldiers and those who are willing to stand up for their Lord in ANY environment, without changes colors.


Your brother,